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reversible cashmere scarf.  two styles in one scarf.  give yourself options.

lightweight | perfect for autumn, winter & spring | to wear with a suit or dress.

designed in classic sizing but with more: lightweight comfort & colour options.

  • perfectly sized, 180 cm x 25 cm 
  • finished with a classic fringed edge
  • 100% finest quality cashmere
  • knitted in harwick, scotland
  • available in the skaaf classic colour palette: colours black & grey, red & grey & double grey

    warmth. recaptured.

    designed to capture the very essence of home: reassurance, comfort and warmth.

    180cm x 25cm
    perfect materials. perfect size.
    100% merino wool
    luxuriously woven from the finest merino wool.
    3 colours
    beautiful warmth: choose your colours

    woven in elgin, scotland. finished with a twisted wool fringe. delicate touches, classic in style.

    a new feeling of comfort

    envelope yourself in the reassuring warmth of our scarf. soft, dependable and instantly soothing. wear it how you want it. you'll never look back.

    mahabis classic blanket

    skaaf on. wrap up.

    the perfect companion to your life, to your busy day, to your relaxing evening.