how to wear your scarf?

how to wear your scarf?

a scarf seems simple, but like any accessory, wearing one well is more complicated than you might think. you need to pick the right thickness, the right fabric (cashmere of course!), and then know the best way to wear your scarf.

here are the three most popular ways:

1) the parisian knot

Parisian knot

the scarf: long scarves of medium thickness (knitted or reversible skaaf).

the weather: very cold

how to tie it: fold the scarf in half, drape it round your neck and push both ends through the loop. tighten it so it sits snug against your skin.

when to wear it: this is the perfect smart-casual knot, you’ve made an effort, but it’s not fussy, so it looks great with a suit but also with a denim jacket and cords.


2) the overhand knot

overhand knot

the scarf: mid-length scarves that are quite fine (classic skaaf).

the weather: cool

how to tie it: drape the scarf around your neck so one end is longer than the other. loop the long end under the short end, so both hang below your chin. adjust the knot so it’s centred. the ends should hang at slightly different lengths, so it looks less primped.

When to wear it: this is the most dressed-up you can be in a scarf, It’s almost a cravat knot, so it works well with tailoring. on men it sits well in the v-gorge of a jacket, so wear it with suits, blazers or single-breasted overcoats.”


3) the wrap around


the scarf: long, chunky scarves (knitted skaaf)

the weather: any

how to do it: as simple as it gets – wrap the scarf round your neck once or twice, depending on its length and the weather.

when to wear it: this is super-casual so wear it with relaxed clothing. it’s very nonchalant and looks like you haven’t overthought things. it’s also easy to adjust, so you can make it looser or more snug depending on how cold it gets.”