what is cashmere?

what is cashmere?

cashmere is a fabric made the fur of the eponymous goat. Though similar in appearance to wool, it’s much finer, which makes it incredibly soft and insulating.

cashmere is expensive. and the reason it’s expensive it’s because it’s scarce.

you can get around five jumpers from a sheep’s fleece, but you need at least two cashmere goats to produce the same item. separating the warm undercoat fibres, which are mixed in with a more rugged top coat, is a laborious job that has to be done by hand. all of which adds to the cost.

but it’s worth the outlay.

because cashmere fibres are so fine, they’re amazingly soft. it’s a fabric that you – and everyone near you – will have an urge to touch. cashmere also traps heat more effectively than almost any other fabric, which means even a lightweight jumper can feel as warm as chunky, fisherman knit. so you get something that feels luxurious and does a great job of keeping you warm.